Final Schools International Model United Nations, in short FIMUN, is a model UN conference held by young and ambitious students of Adana Final Schools, and its honorable advisors and MUN directors. Each individual in the organization team share the same passion for a better world, and are aware of this idea of the better world will be achieved by being aware of the problems all around the world, and know that MUN conferences are an effective way to debate on said problems.

The first FIMUN conference was held at Adana Final Schools at 18 19 20 April 2014, and even though it was the first MUN conference held by said organization team, the conference made a huge success prior to the team's MUN experiences and their ambition. This year, the conference will be held by an extended team of ambitious students and distinguished advisors. The conference will be held at Adana Final Schools at 12 13 14 April 2019. The FIMUN Team is excited to welcome all of you delegates with all their enthusiasm in this year's conference, FIMUN 2019.

Time Left to FIMUN 2019

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