This year in FIMUN’s Star Wars Special Committee you can control the fate of the galaxy while representing various planets from the Star Wars Franchise as Senators in the Galactic Senate of The Republic. Our committee will depict the events of the Clone Wars and its prelude. During this time the Republic is in dire straits as it is dealing with immense corruption and the Separatist uprising lead by Count Dooku. As the members of the Galactic Senate it is your duty to prevent this Republic which has stood for a thousand years be split in two..
As such you are heavily suggested to watch the Original Trilogy(4,5,6) and the Prequel Trilogy(1,2,3) of Star Wars if you haven’t already to fully grasp the concept of our committee. We also advise you to start watching the films from the 4 th movie as it was the first movie to be released(despite the misleading numbering) and because the Prequel Trilogy is not a good starting point for newcomers to the Star Wars Franchise as episodes 1 and 2 might get a bit boring. (The animated series called Star Wars the Clone Wars is also a very good source of information because it depicts the events of our committee.
May the force be with you all and see you at FIMUN 2019!

Committee Directors


  • The crisis in Naboo
  • Military Creation Act
  • Emergency Powers Act
  • Republic Military Enhancement Bill

Chair Reports

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